Sunday, 26 May 2013

Direct Feedback

Dear NHS Direct,

I've just spent the past 35 minutes trying to input symptoms of a chest and back pain I developed this evening. I've been repeatedly sent back to previous questions and told that my answers were invalid. One such example was my gender (the usual two options were given - I picked the most appropriate); another was my date of birth, which I usually get right.

Suffice to say, I've now given up because I've been round in circles three times and have still come nowhere near to receiving a diagnosis. Either this service is completely incompatible with the iPhone I'm using - or it's more miraculous than I could ever have expected:

The pain has long since gone.

By the way, my postcode seemed to be of particular fascination. I was asked for it three times. Clearly that was a fault; nonetheless, when in pain, it's very frustrating to have to spend time answering questions for data monitoring purposes. Perhaps you'd consider making this the final question rather than the first (although I appreciate, for a variety of reasons, not all your patients will make it that far).

I won't think twice about using NHS Direct again.


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