Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Testing, Testing...

So here it is, a brand new Sheppard blog.

(Or, given that nothing has been written yet, I suppose here it isn’t – for now.)

The idea of The Piccalilli Line is to continue the role of Dayorama, now deceased, as a record of personal reflections on anything that comes. The fact that you may stumble across it and choose to read and share you thoughts is, for me, a wonderful bonus. After all, you may not…

Speaking of Dayorama, I must thank Ollie Williams and OJ Wooding for inviting me to gatecrash what was originally their blog – Guardian-award nominated, too – back in 2007. Dayorama became a great creative outlet for me for several years and its spirit will live on here, as it does in Ollie’s splendid BBC Sport blog.

So why ‘The Piccalilli Line’? Good friends will know that anything pickled won't remain so for long in my presence, and thus my cupboard boasts a wider range of piccalilli brands than any other. Coupled with a good train pun, the accidental but clever nod to linear thought and progression, and a domain name that has such a succession of ‘i’s and ‘l’s that it looks completely ridiculous when typed out, I though we were onto a winner.

You'll have to read on and see. Once I’ve written something, obviously.

(Should also say, if you haven't yet found the blog which follows the restoration of my vintage coach, you should bookmark that, too:

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